The missing link in detoxification — Opening those closed detox doors

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All things being equal, the next step in detoxification is to start removing all those toxins hiding in our fat cells.

Toxins travel to the liver and kidneys via lymph and blood. Blood filters through the liver and which in turn sends toxins out to the GI tract ready for elimination. Whatever lands in the toilet is the final stage of detoxification. But there’s a problem, can you see it?

The kidneys also play a role in filtering blood and anything they don’t like the look of is sent to the urinary tract, from there, toxins once again arrive in the toilet. However …

If you are reading this I suspect you may already have your fair share of toxins flowing through your blood and lymph. Unless your favorite pass time is experiencing detox symptoms then stirring up more toxins isn’t the best way to go. This is often the point where well-meaning detox coaches refer to it as a Herxheimer reaction or a healing crisis. A more critical mind might refer to it as piss poor planning. Here’s why...

Imagine a garbage truck coming to pick up your trash in the morning but the truck is already full. Yup, we can try to squeeze a little more into the back of the truck but we shouldn’t be too surprised if it inevitably spills onto the floor as the truck drives away. The obvious solution is to empty the garbage truck before picking up more trash. Lo and behold when the truck is empty the healing “crisis” goes away. So, how do we do that?

Well, let's start by how not to do it.

When the body already has too much going on, chasing after the garbage truck with supplements such as ALA or glutathione really isn’t helping. It’s too much too soon and just as garbage spilled out of the truck the liver will send any toxins it can’t deal with straight back into the bloodstream. Can we say hello to instant fatigue, headache, and anxiety? I think so.

Before attempting to pull more toxins out of fat cells it would seem to be common sense to remove those toxins already circulating in the bloodstream. Alas, as my old mom used to say, common sense isn’t that common. I digress.

At this point, let's remind ourselves that the body doesn’t do a whole lot of detoxifying when it’s in a stressed state. And if the body feels threatened in any way it will shut down the detoxification process altogether. It doesn’t matter whether a threat is real or perceived because once the sympathetic nervous system kicks in its only goal is to keep you alive.

The sympathetic nervous system is what helps us either fight the dragon or run away from it is as fast as our little legs will carry us. This is commonly known as the fight-or-flight response. The parasympathetic nervous system has the opposite effect. It relaxes the body and eases us into rest, digest, and detoxify mode. The latter being of particular interest to us.

When the body is stressed, the detox doors stay firmly closed and it doesn’t matter how much cilantro you shake at the problem. On the flip side, if we want our detoxification doors to open we first need to chill out. Deep breathing exercises can help to move us into the parasympathetic state. As can CBD oil. No really, it’s true.

Sleep plays a pivotal role in detoxification. I’ll be covering this in more detail in a separate post.

Only when we have all of our detox ducks nicely in a row can we begin draining off some of those excess toxins. You can find out how in my new book titled “Heavy Metals Detox”.

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